A Life in Time and Space: The Biography of David Tennant

A Life in Time and Space: The Biography of David Tennant

Nigel Goodall

Language: English

Pages: 264

ISBN: 1843581876

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The astounding life and career of David Tennant, acclaimed classical actor and television's 10th dramatic and eccentric Doctor Who—now revised and updated


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you want Peter O’Toole to be, the most extraordinary presence and full of ridiculous tales – he was glorious. I got a photo of us together and I still keep it on my fridge.’ For a show that some reviewers billed as a ‘sizzling bonkfest’, there wasn’t much nudity in it. ‘No, but there’s lots of sex,’ David told one journalist, not that he was embarrassed by any of the scenes he had to play. ‘I’ve kind of got over it now. There was some quite raunchy stuff in Blackpool, I suppose, so you kind of

single Special and, like the original, it would be broadcast live as part of BBC4’s TV on Trial, a season of programmes created to examine past television trends and productions. Although scheduled in a two-hour slot, the production finished after an hour and forty minutes, under-running its allotted time, whereas most of the original episodes had overrun, which to a certain degree had been expected before the new version went out on-air. After timings had been made at the dress rehearsal, the

perhaps the News of the World summed it up best when they described him as being ‘potentially the most charismatic Doctor Who ever.’ But more than that, ‘The Christmas Invasion’ was quite easily guaranteed a significant place in the Doctor Who history books by virtue of being David’s first full-length episode following his brief appearance during the regeneration process in the ‘Parting of the Ways’ episode. It was also only the second story that could charitably be deemed a Christmas Special

balance of heroism and human frailty. For both actors, meeting survivors of brain injury and their families was crucial to their understanding of the project. ‘This is an incredibly sensitive subject,’ David added. ‘It would be fantastically disrespectful to turn up on the first day of the shoot and say, “Right then, brain injury, let’s wing it.” I read masses of case studies and personal testimonies, but by far the most important thing was meeting the people at the Headway facility in Essex and

typical red laser), which enables a Blu-ray disc to be packed more tightly. EXTRAS Individuals who appear in a movie where a non-specific, non-speaking character is required, usually as part of a crowd or in the background of a scene. Often family-members of the cast or crew (who may hang around the set anyway) are used. FEATURE FILM A movie primarily for distribution in theatres, it is at least 60 minutes long or the script at least 90 pages long. As opposed to feature films, these

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