A Walk-on Part: Diaries 1994-1999

A Walk-on Part: Diaries 1994-1999

Chris Mullin

Language: English

Pages: 467

ISBN: 1846685230

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this title, Yes Minister meets Alan Clark. The third and final volume of Chris Mullin's acclaimed diaries begins on the night John Smith died in May 1994, and continues until the moment of Mullin's assumption into government in July 1999. Together with the bestselling "A View from the Foothills" and "Decline & Fall", the complete trilogy covers the rise and fall of New Labour from start to finish. Witty, elegant and wickedly indiscreet, the Mullin diaries are widely reckoned to be the best account of the New Labour era. "Every once in a while", wrote David Cameron, "political diaries emerge that are so irreverent and insightful that they are destined to be handed out as leaving presents across Whitehall for years to come".

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all was not well that they began to campaign seriously. Alan is convinced that Gordon still believes he will become Prime Minister. According to Alan, Gordon may be suffering from the delusion that Tony will stand down halfway into his second term so that Gordon can take over. Incredible that someone of Gordon’s intelligence could be so daft. Quite apart from which, if Tony fell under a bus tomorrow, Gordon wouldn’t necessarily be the favourite to replace him. It could be JP. Lord save us.

programme this morning and went a bit over the top. Needless to say, the media are lapping it up. I had a message to call Michael Brunson at ITN and when I returned his call the woman who answered the phone shouted across the room to him, ‘Michael, are we still looking for people who are attacking the Labour Party …’ The front bench have adopted the new clause I tabled inserting a quality threshold into the Broadcasting Bill. As a result the Order Paper contained my name followed by those of Mr

This evening I was sitting in the Tea Room with Tony Benn. We were joined by Peter Shore. Although they were on opposite sides in the civil war, they have been good friends for many years. Tony reminded Peter that he had driven him to his selection conference at Stepney thirty-three years ago. It was rather touching to see these two old gents reminiscing. Both feel alienated by New Labour. Tony, of course is predictable, but Peter is – or was – more on the right of the party, which makes his

than the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary Secretary, but he soon switched into official mode. The Murdoch paragraph must go. He even wants rid of my Sun headlines, which leaves a damn great hole in the joke section. I consulted Alastair Campbell who says keep them, so I will. Brief speeches from Tony Blair and Betty Boothroyd. Ideology is out, ideals are in. That was the evening’s sound bite. Prescott made a little show of noting it down. Betty said this was her sixth Queen’s Speech reception, but

Hague. She was sighted in the Tea Room this afternoon for the first time in years. No one knows what the outcome will be. Even a dead heat is possible. Grim-faced Euro-sceptics are to be seen everywhere in urgent little conclaves. Thursday, 19 June A chat with Mo Mowlam in the Tea Room. Northern Ireland, she says, is a very enclosed world. Wherever she goes she keeps running into the same thirty or so top people who appoint each other to everything. She has decided to go outside the province

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