Frank Lloyd Wright, A Biography

Frank Lloyd Wright, A Biography

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Frank Lloyd Wright : A Biography by Meryle Secrest. University of Chicago Press,1992

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function and said, ‘I’d like to know how you are doing, Mr. Wright,’ and Wright replied calmly, ‘Your house is finished,’ and we knew nothing had happened. Then we heard that Kaufmann was about to drive the 140 miles from Milwaukee to Spring Green. It could have been the morning of that day when word went out, ‘He’s in the studio.’ Then the next report was, ‘He’s sitting down!’ ” It was one of the most famous moments in architecture and one of the best documented—it was witnessed by Blaine Drake,

player] gave forth with the Busch ensemble’s rendition of the opening of Brandenburg No. 4, is a recollection that still brings a tingle to my spine.” In fact, the drafting room was the scene of one of the most extraordinary events he would witness. One morning Wright appeared at breakfast carrying a sheaf of drawings and asked three or four of his best aides to join him in the drafting room. Immediately all work stopped as Manny and the others gathered around Wright’s table. “My eyes boggled

pressing reasons to think of himself as a perfect being, any awareness of his human imperfection was likely to shake the very foundations of his life. At such moments he would show evidence of what has been called “the flight forward,” an unconscious courting of catastrophe and ruin, one calculated to stop him in his tracks as spectacularly as possible, but one that would always look like an accident. By blaming the vengeful hand of fate, he could excuse his own conduct and protect himself from

straighten up.…” Wright worked in Silsbee’s office for less than a year, and it is hard to accept his claim that, by the end of this period, he could match Silsbee in freehand drawing and even rival the artistry of a Louis Sullivan, as Wright suggests in his autobiography. The drawings published during this period, 1887–88, in The Inland Architect and News Record, argue for the reverse. One would expect a student’s first work to have a tentative quality, but his seems more timid than most. His

persuaded Wright to do something he positively would not do. There is also the matter of his mother’s opposition, which would have deflected anyone less determined. Anna had, from the first, feared his roving eye. In one letter written just after he left Madison, she strenuously urged him not to trifle with the feelings of girls while, in the same sentence, forbidding him to take any particular girl seriously. If she hoped to tie him in knots emotionally, her hopes were soon dashed. As soon as

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