Karl Marx: His Life and Environment

Karl Marx: His Life and Environment

Language: English

Pages: 228

ISBN: 0195103262

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

First published over fifty years ago, Isaiah Berlin's compelling portrait of the father of socialism has long been considered a classic of modern scholarship and the best short account written of Marx's life and thought. It provides a penetrating, lucid, and comprehensive introduction to Marx as theorist of the socialist revolution, illuminating his personality and ideas, and concentrating on those which have historically formed the central core of Marxism as a theory and practice. Berlin goes on to present an account of Marx's life as one of the most influential and incendiary social philosophers of the twentieth century and depicts the social and political atmosphere in which Marx wrote.
This edition includes a new introduction by Alan Ryan which traces the place of Berlin's Marx from its pre-World War II publication to the present, and elucidates why Berlin's portrait, in the midst of voluminous writings about Marx, remains the classic account of the personal and political side of this monumental figure.

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historicism of Herder and of Hegel. Founded on the criticism of its rivals, it offered a bold alternative, the influence of which altered the history of civilization in Europe and left an ineffaceable impression on its imagination and modes of feeling. * irf ^<* The classical philosophers of the eighteenth century that man is neither more nor less than an object in nature, what are the laws which govern his behaviour? If it is possible to discover by empirical had asked: Given KARL

philosopher now alive and will soon m : . of all Germany . . . Dr. Marx that is . . my idol s name very young (about twenty-four at most) and will give medieval religion and politics their coup d* is still KARL MARX 72 He combines the deepest philosophical serious the most biting wit. Imagine Rousseau, Voltaire, Holbach, Lessing, Heine and Hegel fused into one person I say fused, not thrown together in a heap and you have Dr. Marx/ grdce. ness with _\ Marx thought Hess s

friendship with Arnold Rug^ a gifted Saxon journalist who edited a radical periodical to which Marx had contributed^ Ruge was a pompous and irritable man, a discontented romantic, who after 1848 gradually became transformed a reactionary nationalist. As a writer he had a wider outlook and surer taste than many of his fellow radicals in Germany, and appreciated the gifts of into greater men, such as Marx and Bakunin, with whom he came into contact. He saw no possibility of continuing his

standing of the situation. Engek ? well-to-do This was a certain Friedricl young German cotton manufacturer in Barmen. They met the publication of economic articles journal. The meeting proved radical, ; in Paris ove Marx both it wa by Engels decisive for son of 3 in ; \ the beginning of a remarkable career of friendship an< collaboration which lasted during the remainder of thei Engels began life as a radical poet and journalist it, after the death of Marx, as the

transformations the should always be made between the material transformation of the economic conditions of production, (l distiriction which can be determined with the precision of natural science, and the legal, political, religious, aesthetic or philosophical in short the ideological forms in men become conscious of the out.) Just as it would be impossible conflict and which fight it to arrive at a correct KARL MARX 128 judgement about an individual by noting only his own

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