Native American History: A Chronology of the Vast Achievements of a Culture and Their Links to World Events

Native American History: A Chronology of the Vast Achievements of a Culture and Their Links to World Events

Judith Nies

Language: English

Pages: 331


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub



Native American History is a breakthrough reference guide, the first book of its kind to recognize and explore the rich, unfolding experiences of the indigenous American peoples as they evolved against a global backdrop.

This fascinating historical narrative, presented in an illuminating and thought-provoking time-line format, sheds light on such events as:
* The construction of pyramids--not only on the banks of the Nile but also on the banks of the Mississippi
* The development of agriculture in both Mesopotamia and Mexico
* The European discovery of a continent already inhabited by some 50 million people
* The Native American influence on the ideas of the European Renaissance
* The unacknowledged advancements in science and medicine created by the civilizations of the new world
* Western Expansion and its impact on Native American land and traditions
* The key contributions Native Americans brought to the Allied victory of World War II
And much more!

This invaluable history takes an important first step toward a true understanding of the depth, breadth, and scope of a long-neglected aspect of our heritage.

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of 1866 Red Cloud lured 80 soldiers under Captain Fetterman from Fort Phil Kearny into an ambush and killed them all. “If Indians continue their barbarities wipe them out,” wrote the Montana Post. The Sioux renewed their attacks against work crews in the spring. 1867 World History Russia sold Alaska to the U.S. for 7.2 million dollars. It was called “Seward’s folly,” after the secretary of state who recommended the purchase (no Alaska natives were given voice in determining land ownership)

All Red Nations, and the founding of the Native American Rights Fund. Indians organized their own programs to deal with problems of alcoholism on reservations and prison rehabilitation. And a number of Indian youth groups formed — National Indian Youth Council, Young American Indian Council, Organization of Native American Students — showing that Indian youth were determined to have a hand in shaping their future. By the 1970s tribes knew the value of the mineral resources that lay under their

the Navajo asked for cleanup of the uranium mines, the reservation subsidiaries of the uranium mining companies declared bankruptcy and left the cleanup to the government. The Tuba City uranium mine was cleaned up after a grassroots effort refused to let the matter rest. 1980 World History Worker strikes in Poland. The independent unions formed a national federation, Solidarity, led by Lech Walesa. First global effort to measure world deforestation. Estimates projected that the planet had

before them, on their swords … [They hanged Indians] by thirteen’s, in honor and reverence for our Redeemer and the twelve Apostles, they put wood underneath and, with fire, they burned the Indians alive.… I saw all the above things … All these did my own eyes witness,” wrote Fray Bartolome de Las Casas, the Spanish priest who came to the New World for land and ended by writing the famous Historia de las Indias, a history of the land Columbus mistakenly called India. The Arawaks revolted. In

Vizcaino explored the California coast for the Spanish. 1603 World History French explorers began active fur trading along the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada and established an outpost at Tadoussac. Native American History Samuel de Champlain made contact with the Algonquian-speaking and Iroquois tribes, and explored the New England coast as far south as Cape Cod. 1604 Native American History A trading agreement entered into between a band of Canadian Micmac and the French formed the basis

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