Now I See the Moon: A Mother, a Son, and the Miracle of Autism

Now I See the Moon: A Mother, a Son, and the Miracle of Autism

Elaine Hall

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 006174381X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Now I See the Moon provides insightful ways to teach and work with individuals with autism and severe disabilities. It will give parents great hope.” — Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures

“This magnificent work vividly demonstrates the joy and hope of discovering the creative and emotional capacities which exist in all children, but especially in those children with autism and other special needs.” — Dr. Stanley Greenspan, author of The Child with Special Needs and Engaging Autism

When her son Neal was diagnosed with autism, former Hollywood acting coach Elaine Hall, aka “Coach E,” took matters into her own hands and used her resources to guide him toward an increasingly independent life. In the process, she founded The Miracle Project, a groundbreaking organization that uses the performing arts to connect with children with autism. Both controversial and unorthodox, Hall’s innovative approach has been praised by leaders in the field of autism. She was also the subject of an Emmy-Award-winning documentary Autism: The Musical. Hall now speaks around the country sharing her wisdom. Now I See the Moon is a story of hope, faith, and miracles; it is a story only a mother could tell.

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engaged in my nocturnal musings, but I didn’t notice. My mom would come in the next day and ask, “Why are your windows such a mess?” “I dunno.” I’d shrug, and deny any part of the crime. Now I’m on a plane, about to embark on what will be my life’s greatest journey. I look out the window into the darkness and there I see my old friend, the moon, guiding me to Russia, where I will meet my child and bring him home. “My child.” Those words reverberate in my mind and heart. They have always been

Determined, persistent, I call every day for a month until there is a cancellation and I get one. Dr. Greenspan’s office is in Bethesda, Maryland, near where I was raised. The appointment they give me coincides with my mother’s seventieth birthday. For the occasion, my sister has rented a beach house on the Delaware coast where the family will spend the week. I’ve been longing to join them. Now I can. It seems like serendipity. But first we have to get there. I’m thinking, how can I get this

inability to snap out of it. One day, as I was lying on the couch, literally in the fetal position, I heard a voice inside me cry out, “ENOUGH! No more despairing! Get out of the dumps!” Until now, I never wallowed in self-pity. My way of being in the world was to seek solutions rather than to stay stuck in the problem. Okay, okay, I told myself, It’s time to get into action. And being a “multimodality” kind of girl, I chose to push out of this grief in a variety of ways. First, I called my

he’s learning to type, he loves to Google. As I walk in the door, he’s typed some random letters into the Google box. He wants me to see what came up. I can’t be with Neal now. I don’t know what to say. “Mommy has a tummy ache,” I tell him. “I’ll look at it later.” I go upstairs. I’m in shock. How can I take care of Neal and his intense needs and work at the same time? I sob. I wail. I don’t call anyone or seek support because nothing and no one can comfort me. I don’t want to burden Jeff with

and never owed anyone anything. Every Sunday we went to his house for dinner. I would sit at his feet and he would tell stories about his life that gave me hope and taught me to share his view that anything is possible. After dinner we watched The Lawrence Welk Show and then I’d put on a show for him, directing my older brother and younger sister to perform the songs and dances we’d just seen. My grandfather loved these shows. He’d watch us with a big smile on his face and a twinkle in his

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