Secret Lives of Great Filmmakers: What Your Teachers Never Told You about the World's Greatest Directors

Secret Lives of Great Filmmakers: What Your Teachers Never Told You about the World's Greatest Directors

Robert Schnakenberg

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1594744343

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Strange-But-True Tales of Cross-Dressers, Drug Addicts, Foot Fetishists, and Other Legendary Filmmakers.
With outrageous and uncensored profiles of everyone from D. W. Griffith to Quentin Tarantino, Secret Lives of Great Filmmakers reveals the little-known secrets of all your favorite directors. Why did Charlie Chaplin refuse to bathe for weeks at a time? Was Alfred Hitchcock really missing a belly button?  Is Walt Disney’s corpse preserved in a state of suspended animation? And why on earth did Francis Ford Coppola direct a 3-D pornographic movie? The legends of the silver screen will never be the same!

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front of others. His reputation within the industry as an old lech who liked to play perverse practical jokes on his actors may have preceded him, by all accounts his home life was fairly conventional. Despite all his psychosexual straying, he remained faithful to his wife, film editor Alma Reville, whom he married in 1926. In his later years, Hitchcock spent less time making films and more time serving as a kind of roving ambassador of suspense. Instantly recognizable due to his stout frame and

series, and counted Godzilla director Ishiro Honda among his closest friends. Despite numerous entreaties by Kurosawa over the years, however, the studio wouldn’t let him go near its low-budget monster franchise, for fear it would cost too much. Blessed with talent to match his appetite, Orson Welles had achieved more by the age of thirty than most directors achieve in their entire lifetimes. The fact that he never again scaled the heights attained by Citizen Kane—and spent a long twilight

blowing stuff up. A teenaged Lynch targeted his junior high school swimming pool with a homemade IED (building pipe bombs was another hobby), and the explosion shook windows five blocks away. Lynch was arrested and the incident made the local papers. Somehow, he still managed to finish high school. After graduation, Lynch traveled through Europe, and enrolled in various art schools, looking for a way to translate his skewed inner life into visual images. He hit upon the idea of using film,

eye became extremely sensitive to light, and he went “on the patch” for the rest of his life. TALK ABOUT YOUR BULLYING DIRECTORS: JOHN FORD WOULD OFTEN ARRIVE ON THE SET AND COMMAND AN ACTOR TO BEND OVER SO THAT HE COULD LITERALLY KICK HIM IN THE ASS. KING OF PAIN Actors who worked with Ford tend to use one word to describe him: sadistic. The director had a cruel streak a mile wide, and he delighted in pushing the buttons of those who worked for him. “Actors were terrified of him,”

anti-Semite; he was known to address letters to Jewish friends “Dear Christ Killer.”) POWER LUNCH Was one of the most avowedly macho directors in cinema history a closet homosexual? In her memoir ’Tis Herself, actress Maureen O’Hara, a Ford regular, does more than hint that Pappy Jack was batting for the other team. She full-on outs him. O’Hara tells of how Ford filled up his sketchpad with drawings of penises during pre-production meetings on their 1955 film, The Long Gray Line. Then

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