The Complete Abba

The Complete Abba

Simon Sheridan

Language: English

Pages: 236


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

All the singles, all the albums, all the tours, all the TV specials and movies... all the ABBA! For four decades ABBA - the combined talents of Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad - has been a global music phenomenon, clocking up record sales of over 360 million. Unquestionably one of the most respected and recognisable brands in pop, Scandinavia's all-conquering musical export actually remained together for only ten years but the group's influence resonates as much today as it did in the 1970s. Thanks to the global success of the musical Mamma Mia!, ABBA's hit songs are cherished by millions of new admirers, but it is the original recordings which set the bench-mark for 20th century pop. The beautiful, cascading melodies and unmistakable harmonies of Dancing Queen', SOS', Take a Chance on Me' and The Winner Takes It All' have a unique power to inspire passion and devotion in equal measure. For the very first time The Complete ABBA compiles all of the Swedish supergroup's singles, albums, TV specials, tours and movies. Beginning with their 1972 debut single People Need Love', the book chronicles the band's incredible story right through to Björn and Benny's triumphant Thank You for the Music tribute concert held in London in 2009, and beyond, to 2012, the band's 40th anniversary. This is all the ABBA you'll ever need!

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eventually be their first joint composition – a song named ‘Isn’t It Easy to Say’. The track was eventually recorded by The Hep Stars for their third studio album and this charmingly incestuous relationship between the Hootenanny Singers and The Hep Stars continued. The former covered ‘Sunny Girl’ and the latter recorded a rockier version of ‘No Time’. The two disparate groups continued selling records in Scandinavia, but both were on borrowed time. Björn and Benny had bigger herring to fry. Not

amazing two-octave range and is nigh-on impossible for a solo vocalist to sing adequately. But not all ABBA songs were blessed with a dual lead vocal; Björn and Benny tried to take it in turns to give each of their significant others a shot at the lead. ‘It was very fair,’ said Björn many years later, but it did create healthy rivalries between the two singers and also some jealousy. ‘Sometimes I envied the choice of Agnetha, I must admit,’ confessed Frida in 1999. From the outset Björn and Benny

UK top 75 when it was covered by Irish boy band Westlife who released the song – surprise, surprise – as their 1999 Christmas single. MARCH 1980 JAPANESE TOUR Produced by EMA-Telstar / Tour Promoter – Thomas Johansson Starring: Anni-Frid Lyngstad (vocals), Benny Andersson (keyboards/vocals), Björn Ulvaeus (lead guitars/vocals), Agnetha Fältskog (vocals) Musicians: Ola Brunkert (drums), Anders Eljas (keyboards), Rutger Gunnarsson (bass guitar), Lasse Wellander & Mats Ronander (guitars), Åke

tried to probe the group about the kidnap threat. Quite properly, they unanimously preferred not to answer questions about it. ‘They have a tangible eerie atmosphere about them,’ wrote the aggrieved reporter, ‘that indicates they have one mind, one soul, one brain, one set of emotions into which they all delve and come up with same answers to life.’ Agnetha’s obvious concern for her family, coupled with a fear of flying, was beginning to make her increasingly unwilling to travel abroad to promote

rather than love songs per se, hence the inclusion of ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’, in which an adult sees their offspring grow up. But why 1975’s ‘I’ve Been Waiting for You’ gets overlooked once again is just baffling. ‘Love Stories’ is an inconsistent and, some could argue, unnecessary selection of ballads, but at least the album is blessed with fascinating sleeve notes from John Tobler, ABBA’s former UK press officer, some slick artwork and a booklet of lyrics, something glaringly absent from

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