The Lives of John Lennon

The Lives of John Lennon

Language: English

Pages: 720

ISBN: 1556523998

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The result of six years of research and some 1,200 interviews, this book takes fans deep into Lennon’s secretive world, from his traumatic childhood to his Beatles days to his hidden life with Yoko Ono. While the Lennon of legend enjoyed a gifted and inspired life, the private Lennon lived in torment, poisoning himself with drugs and self-hatred. The Lives of John Lennon exposed for the first time all of his various lives, from idealist to cynic, from ascetic to junkie. It is a lasting tribute to his brilliant achievements and a revelation of the price he paid for them.

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obviously right in their objection to him - Yoko might have left him. She was embarrassed by the situation and didn't wish to further embarrass her family." Doubtless that is what Yoko said, but what she did does not suggest embarrassment -so much as hostility, for like a bullfighter aiming for the heart of his huge adversary, Yoko delivered a stroke to the family honor that must have made the Onos think they were under a curse. On 28 November 1962 Yoko married Tony Cox at the American embassy in

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observer and a participant in what became the wildest - and most dangerous - moment of the Lost Weekend. "John and Harry had corralled all these people to play on Harry's album," she recalled. "It was all on John's head, but he didn't want to take the responsibility. John wanted to feel that he was just along for the ride. He kept wanting Harry to take the responsibility. Harry was too busy destroying his voice. [Nilsson had developed laryngitis, but instead of guarding his voice, he insisted on

lap like a sleeping pet and produce no stir. Sexually speaking, John is off the air. The arrival of Lennon is the signal for the women to break up their tete-a-tete in the lounge and shift to the kitchen table, where John has ensconced himself with a mug of tea in one hand and in the other a filter-tip Gitane. This is one of his favorite moments of the day: the Naked Professor's Lecture. Marn the Barn is the perfect pupil, just back, in fact, from her latest semester of postgraduate work in

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