Who Is Gloria Steinem? (Who Was...?)

Who Is Gloria Steinem? (Who Was...?)

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As a field reporter in the 1960s, Gloria Steinem worked hard to dig up important stories. She went undercover to expose the grim realities of gender inequality in America. As her message continued to grow, she became the spokeswoman of the women’s liberation movement and created the feminist publication, Ms. magazine. Steinem continues to speak and write about women and women’s roles in media and politics.

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neighborhood in New York City to learn how his death had affected the people there. And Gloria’s interest in women’s rights was never stronger. Women’s issues were becoming important topics in the 1960s. Betty Friedan, who had also gone to Smith College, had written a book called The Feminine Mystique in 1963. The book was getting a lot of attention. In 1968, Clay Felker, a friend and colleague of Gloria’s, left his job at Esquire magazine. He began developing a magazine called New York that

magazine that covered such controversial issues. So although Ms. magazine was popular with readers, they had to charge more for advertising than other magazines in the country. And because they had to charge more for advertising, they also had to charge more for the magazine. Ms. was more expensive than most magazines. But Gloria had made a commitment to help women not only in the United States, but around the world, and she would not let them down. In 1981, Gloria’s mother, Ruth Steinem, died.

Blade. At that time, people didn’t think a woman could be as good of a reporter as a man. So Ruth used a man’s name, Duncan Mackenzie, for her work at the newspaper. Ruth loved being a journalist, but she took a year off when their daughter Susanne was born in 1925. Leo worked odd jobs after college. The year that Susanne was born he bought some land in Clarklake, Michigan. Clarklake was in a rural area about fifty miles northwest of Toledo. Leo built a resort in 1928. It was called Ocean Beach

was able to devote less time and energy to the magazine. She was able to turn her attention to new things. In 2000, at the age of sixty-six, Gloria got married. She surprised herself and many others with her choice. She said, “Though I’ve worked many years to make marriage more equal, I never expected to take advantage of it myself.” The man who became her husband was David Bale, a businessman and animal-rights activist. Instead of calling themselves husband and wife, they called each other

Pier. Leo hoped big-name bands would come and play for all the guests. But Leo’s timing was bad. The Great Depression hit in 1929, and many people lost their jobs. They weren’t able to spend money on things like weekends dancing at a lake resort. In 1930, to help save money, the Steinems sold their house in Toledo and moved to Clarklake. Ruth liked city life, and it was hard to give up her job at the newspaper. But she agreed to make a home at Ocean Beach Pier. Soon after the move, Ruth gave

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